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All-in-One Solution for all Automotive and Leasing Industry Stakeholders

SaaS digital platform connecting and engaging service providers and end customers through innovative mobile apps integrated into CarsCentral's platform.

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Our customers

Cars Central platform is designed for leasing and big fleet companies, vehicle owners, enabling their transition to modern mobility. We give our clients new revenue streams & cost optimisation up to 80% of the current communication, operations and customer service activities.


Why Cars Central?

Cars Central is subscription-based, customer management mobile platform that helps businesses manage their customers, subscriptions, service requests and partners all digitally.

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2-way communication

Real-time notification system of everything happening on the platform, in the Web and Mobile applications.

Cloud based solution

All our features and services are cloud-based which means you can enable added value or premium services for your customers with one click.

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Web platform 

It enables every business to digitise and decentralise documentation and communication about its vehicles, client network, vendor network, service history, etc. 

3 Mobile applications

The mobile applications complete the whole ecosystem.

We have a mobile app for:

- the end client;

- the operative driver/insurance assessor;

- the driver of a company car with a decentralised fleet.

Partners' ecosystem management

Our digital platform gives every business the option to enable his own ecosystem of partners. To manage customers, drivers or insurance officers, partners, share calendars, schedules and redirect service requests to partners or a 3rd party subcontractors with full transparency and digital footprint.

Platform Access and Prices

Start managing your customers by selecting the most appropriate tools and features, from the listed plans.

Become partner


- Free listing in the Service Providers locations catalogue 

- direct contact from end users using the mobile Application - place orders, send requests and e-mail.

- Push and E-mail notifications

- Reminders 


Basic CRM

- Free listing in the Service Providers locations catalogue

- Direct 2 way communication with customers.

- Push and E-mail notifications

- Reminders 

- Individual data base

Perfect for Small Business or Technical test station.

3 unlocked CRM modules,


Full Digital CRM
Car-as-a-Service/Fleet Management 

- Direct 2 way communication with fleet drivers

- Push and E-mail notifications

- Reminders 

- Individual data base

- Road list and expense reports

- Inquiries and requests

Complete CRM with 360' digital coverage for all processes and operations covering, car service, insurance, leasing and rent a car. 



Become a partner and local geographical representative on City, Country or Region. 

Contact us for detailed information. 

  • How can I use the platform?
    Access to the platform and listing as a partner can be requested through our contact form or on the indicated phones.
  • What conditions do I have to meet to become a partner?
    To work with preliminary offers for the services desired by the client, issuing invoices and guarantee. Having a website is a plus.
  • Is there a free version?
    Yes. Free license is free, without contract and commitment.

What Can We Help You With?

For more info or demo request - fill out the form or call us at 0700 20 612

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