#1 Customer service and experience mobile apps and platform for Car Pick Up and Digital service management

All-in-One for any car, family car park or a business fleet enabling a 2-way mobile communication with the customer and the service provider. Digitalized Door2Door service operations that could be enabled by every service station, insurance, leasing or rent a car company. CRM with Cross-sell Up-Sell features, reminders, keeping up to date customers, and direct communication with service providers listed in the mobile application marketplace.


How It Works if you are customer

Download Cars Central and find Car services providers or Door2Door Services in your area or anywhere you go. You can subscribe for your preferred service providers and get premium and digital services directly in the mobile app. Order Door2Door or PickUp service, Digital Offers, Digital insurance or payments. We will enable your preferred service station or service provider with All in One Digital Service Mobile application. 


Cars Central Partners and Service Providers

Manage and communicate 

with your customers for everything around their car from one place. Enable Digital Car-as-a-Service

Through the platform, service providers in the automotive, insurance  and leasing industries can:

  • Manage the subscribed customers directly through the Mobile App and Web

  • 2 Way communication on their mobile app

  • Follow up with reminders for a vignette, driver’s license, civil liability, technical inspection and leasing

  • Digital service book with document management and sharing features

  • Communicate Offers, Promotions, Up Sell and Cross Sell


Cloud  based Platform ( SaaS)

CarsCentral platform and dedicated CRM DB and all our features and services are cloud-based, which means you can enable added value or premium services for your customers with one click. Secure and GDPR compliant the managed marketplace allows you to enable a Car-as-a-Service business model with 360* coverage, through CarsCentral. 


Partners and Subcontractors Ecosystem Management and operational activities sharing

Enable your own ecosystem of partners through our digital platform. Manage customers, drivers or insurance officers, partners, and all operational activities in a digitalized network. Share calendars, schedules and redirect service requests to partners or a 3rd party subcontractors, with full transparency and digital footprint.


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Platform Access and Pricess

Start managing your customers by selecting the most appropriate tools and features, from the listed plans.




Free listing in the mobile marketplace locations catalog for all service providers

- Free listing in the Service Providers locations catalogue  

- End users using the mobile Application can contact partners directly - place orders, send requests and e-mail.


Basic CRM



Perfect for Small Business or Technical test station.

3 unlocked CRM modules, Free listing in the Mobile Marketplace where customers can place orders and subscribe to your business.

- Direct 2 way communication with customers.

- Push and E-mail notifications

- Reminders 

- Individual data base


Full Digital CRM

Car-as-a-Service/Fleet Management 


Complete CRM with 360' digital coverage for all processes and operations covering, car service, insurance, leasing and rent a car. Enable Digital Offerings and Up Sell-Cross Sell business.

Manage your own ecosystem of partners and subcontractors, give access to schedule, calendar, redirect and assign customer requests



Become a partner and local geographical representative on City, Country or Region. 

Contact us for detailed information. 


Locations and Partners


How can i subscribe and connect with a service station?

When you open the CarsCentral Mobile marketplace application, you have the a catalog of current partners. To subscribe you need to click on the heart. From this poin on, the selected service provider will be able to comunicate with you, monitor your expiring service e renewal activities for your car or cars.  

How i can manage my customers if they dont know the mobile application?

You can either enter your customers yourself and invite them by e-mail or you can ask them to download the CarsCentral mobile application and select you as a preferred service provider and subscribe to your business.

Once subscribed the customer data entered is visible only to you. No other business can see the information you entered for your customer. 


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